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Have you ever needed some feedback or input on one or more web pages from your websiite users? Webbric has a Blog Add-on that allows your users to comment on your page.


Unlimited comments
Review comments before you make them live
Manage comments
Reply to comments
Users reply to Users in comments (optional)
User friendly WYSIWYG text editor(What You See Is What You Get)
Comment Date
Name of Person that commented
Email of Person that commented
Website of Person that Commented (optional)
Anti-Spam Filter

See an example of a Blog

Customize your website

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When users open your website, they have between 3 to 5 seconds to decide whether they would like to stay on your website or navigate to a differentt websiite. Slideshows are great for keeping users on the web page they opened. The transition of the slideshow intrigue a natural curiousity, leaving the user curious to see the next slideshow image. Once the user is intrigued by the slideshow, the images does the rest of the work, so we recommend that you use this opertunity to promote one of your goods or services in a visualy creative and effective way.


  • Unlimited Slideshows
  • Unlimited Slideshow Images
  • Mananage your own Slideshows and Slideshow Images
  • User friendly navigation
  • Skip navigation
  • Various transition effects
  • Full screen capability
  • Mobile frendly

See a demo of a Slideshow


Do you have a portfolio or a number of images to display to your users? Our Gallery Addon is the ideal tool to show viewers your photos in a stylish user-friendly fashion.


  • Unlimited Images
  • Unlimited Albums
  • Manage your own Images and Albums
  • Add reference inks to external websites without leaving your own website
  • Auto Resizing and Cropping of large images
  • Auto Thumbnail Creation
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Mobile Friendly

See a demo of a Gallery

See a demo of an Album

Online Store

Do you have products or services that you would like to sell through your website? Our Online Store gives you the power to do just that.


  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Product groups
  • Unlimited Variations
  • Unlimited Pricing Divisions
  • Manage your own proucts and product groups
  • Add Multiple Product Images
  • Add variations to your products
  • Manage how variations affects the pricing
  • Add various variation Images
  • Manage pricing divisions (For example: Set up pricing for the Public, Re-sellers, regulars and your own cutom divisions)
  • Users can add products to their cart/basket/order
  • Payment Gateway (Debit Card/ Credit Card/ Instant EFT)
  • Generate, Email and View PDF Quotations/Pro-forma Invoices
  • View Order Status
  • View Order History
  • Summary of Popular Products Sold
  • Sale Statistics

* An SSL Certificate Add-on is reccomended for this Add-on

See a demo of an Online Store

Custom Forms

Do you need to capture or record information from your users on one or more forms? We have developed a system that allow you to capture and process user information.


  • Unlimited Forms
  • Unlimited Form Fields
  • Unlimited database storage
  • Manage field types
  • Manage field labels
  • Anti-Spam filter
  • Validate manndatory fields
  • Email responders
  • Display captured data
  • Manage data status
  • Add custom funcions to forms
  • Field display permissions for specific divisions
  • Submit forms without refreshing screen
  • Redirect forms to a different page
  • Add multiple entries to the same form
  • Export to .csv

* An SSL Certificate Add-on is reccomended for this Add-on
* We will need to do a full project scope in order to determine the setup fee

A basic example of a Custom Form Add-on is at the top of the page

Directory Listings

Do you need to display one or more a directories with a list of things or places? Webbric has a user-friendly Directory Listings Add-on that allows you to list manage your things or places.


  • Unlimited Directory groups
  • Unlimited Directory listings
  • Manage listings (Add, Edit, Delete)
  • Users have the ability to manage their own listings
  • Rate listings
  • Manage listings display
  • Manage content labels
  • Listing Gallery

See an Example of a Directory Listing

SSL Certificate

Do you need increased security on your websiite? Having an SSL Certificate on your websiite in beneficial in more than one way.


  • Your website is more secure to hacking attacks
  • Users notice that your website is more secure and therefore:
    • are more comfortable buying your products online
    • and providing you with sensitive information via forms
  • Google also notices your secure website and adds more value to your organic Google Rankings
  • You can obtain a user's exact position via Google Geolocation and this allows you to navigate them to your store


  • An SSL Certificate is not immortal and has to be renewed every 12 months

Although an SSL Certificate improves the security of your website, it is NOT THE ULTIMATE solution. As security measures and strategies evolve and increase, so does minds of those who attempt to overcome them. With that being said, having an SSL Certificate latched onto your domain, significntly decreases the probability of intrusion, just like a good lock on a door prevents a burglar from entering.

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