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Do you have a business card that I can take with me? You don't ever want to be caught with your pants down when presented with this common question from a potential client. Even if you do have a business card, you will need it to be like a photo of a cherished memory between you and your potential client. When they look at it, it must reflect type of service they can expect to get from you.

Business Cards

240 x Business Cards - Print Only

Digital Print on 350gsm matt board
Full colour double sided print
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R 260.00

240 x Matt Laminated Business Cards - Print Only

Digital Print on 350gsm matt board
Full colour double sided print
Matt Laminated on both sides
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R 620.00

500 x Business Cards - Print Only

Litho Printed on 400gsm board
Full colour double sided print
UV Gloss Coating on Front
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R 370.00

500 x Premium Business Cards - Print Only

Double Sided Full Color
350gsm High quality board
Double Sided Smooth Matte Laminate
Double Sided Spot Gloss UV
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R 860.00

Business Card Design - Double Sided

Full colour Vector design
CMYK Colour Profile
Designed to Print Size
Exported as a Print Ready PDF
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R 325.00

How does the process work?

In case you ever asked this question, here are the steps that our business card designers take from designing a business card to printing hundreds of business cards for your company.

Step 1: Providing the details

First we need a few logistics so our business card designers can provide you with an accurate quotation. You may use the form above to provide all the required details, or you can send an email to one of business card designers to provide the following details:

  • Do you have a logo? If so, please attach it in your email, and if not, we will include a logo design on your quote.
  • How many business cards do you need for the first name?
  • Which coating would you like on your business cards: Front UV, Matt Lamination, No Coating?
  • How many sides would you like the business cards to be printed on?
  • To help speed up the business card designing and printing process, please send the details that you would like our business card designers to include on your business cards. These details usually consist of the following:
    • Company Name
    • Name
    • Position/Title
    • Contact Numbers
    • Email Address

Step 2: Accepting the quote

When you provide all the required details, one of our business card designers will send you an official quotation. Once you approve the quotation,  a 50% deposit payment is required as indicated on the quotation. The moment we receive the payment notification or the Proof of payment, we can start with your business card design and printing order.

Step 3: Designing a draft

Your business card designer will start designing your business cards with the details you sent. Once the business card designs are done, your business card designer will send you the first draft to review. If your order is started with a 50% deposit, your draft will have a watermark over the business card designs. To remove the watermark, we require a full payment.

Estimated time frame: 2-3 working days

Step 4: Review and making changes

When you receive the draft, you can decide which of the 3 options you prefer and if you would like to have any changes made to that option. You can notify your business card designer of any revisions that you would like to make. We can send up to 5 drafts before additional charges may incur.

Estimated time frame: 1 working day

Step 5: Approving the design

Once you and the business card designer narrowed everything down to one final business card design, the other names with their details will be sent to you for a final review. This is only applicable if you ordered business card printing for more than one person. During this review, please make sure that you double check the spelling and contact numbers. The business card designers always copy the details that you provided instead of retyping it. Upon the final approval, your design will be exported for the business card printing process.

Estimated time frame: 1 Working day

Step 6: Printing your Business cards

The exact business card printing process depends on the quantity you order per name or design. When you order 500 business cards or more, we make use of a litho business card printing process. When printing less that 500 business cards, we use a digital business card printing process.

Estimated time frame: 2-3 working days

Step 7: Collecting your business cards

Your business card designer will notify you the moment that your business cards are ready for collection. Before you will be able to collect your printed business cards, any outstanding balances for the business cards needs to be settled. Each business card design will be packed neatly in it's own box for your convenience.

Total estimated time frame: 5-7 working days.

Please Note

We make use of a batch printing process: A batch-run is the method of producing print jobs for clients that lowers costs by printing several print jobs together on the same print run, thus spreading the cost of the printing amongst all jobs on the sheet. ALL batch run printing is subject to a 10% color variance. If a job is color critical, then the necessary attention it needs cannot be attained in a batch-run format. Therefore, the job must be printed by itself without the discounted price of batch printing. Color critical jobs require a dedicated run where the PRINT is calibrated specifically to that run and job rather than a batch-run with other print jobs.

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