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3D Logo Designing

Bring your logo or corporate image to life by having a realistic rendered 3D logo design. By Adding the correct display of lighting effects and depth to each object with advanced shadow effects, your 3D logo design will give that "Wow!" impression to a viewer. Other effects such as transparency, reflection and glossiness are also used with our 3D Logo designs.

In order for us to design a 3D Logo, we need to redraw the logo as a 2D Front View Vector logo design.  This vector design does not necessarily require any colour.  These groups of redrawn lines, curves and objects are then exported in a vector format to our 3D modelling software.  Each vector object becomes an extruded 3D object and receives 3D properties such as colour, reflection, refraction, shadows and lights.  All of these properties together in an Orthographic perspective, gives our 3D Logo designers a product to render.

Before the final 3D Logo design is rendered we send you a test render of the 3D logo design as a preview for your approval.  Once we have received the final approval (after alterations were made, if necessary)  a final 3D Logo Design is rendered in high resolution and sent in a bitmap format. Some companies prefer not to have a 3D Logo Design as their primary logo, but use it to emphasize the quality of their products or services. A semi-3D logo design can also be designed as a vector logo, without 3D Modelling Software, but it won't have the same realism that 3D Designing software can give you.  A 3D vector design will at least still to give you the advantage over a plain flat logo design.

Although Blue Sphynx is a Logo Designing company in Pretoria, we can be your 3D logo designer in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Sandton, Johannesburg or anywhere in Gauteng and even in the other Provinces in South Africa.  Thanks to the communication technology of today, we can design a 3D logo based on your requirements through email or telephonic correspondence.  Contact Us for a 3D Logo Design Quotation or use our online enquiry system.

Written by Ricus du Plooy

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